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Collection of the Tabernacle Illustrations


I have found two web sites that contain various artistic illustrations of the Tabernacle. Covered are pretty much all parts and pieces, made by different artists or scanned from different books.

But first of all, please see my panoramic images of the Tabernacle. Click here to go to the page. You may need a plugin, so install it as it will be worth it. Here is the best panorama:

As you can see, only Levites were allowed to serve at the Tabernacle. And not just any Levites - ONLY Sons of Aaron (Aaronites).

First web site is of the Portland Bible study group. There are many more illustrations if you will follow the link, but here are some notable ones:

Here is an overview of the Tabernacle camp:

This is what rabbis want you to forget about! This!

Tabernacle is Chukat Olam (eternal commandment) and it is the PERMANENT dwelling of God! Tabernacle is said to be forever in the Written Torah! This is why rabbis do not want you to find out about it! 
Overview of the Tabernacle Mishkan and the camp

Here is another overview of the Tabernacle and camp:

Rabbis do not want you to remember the true sanctuary of God - the Tabernacle (Mishkan). This is because they want you to believe in the stone immovable Temple and Jerusalem, none of which are ever mentioned in the Torah!!!
Tabernacle Mishkan and the Camp

Here is a labeled diagram of the camp with tribes names and locations:

The place that the book of Deuteronomy is talking about can be ANY place among ANY of the tribe. And this is because it talks about the Tabernacle, which was movable and could travel to any location.

Look at this beautiful sight! This is what rabbis do not want you to know about, because it would put them out of power and control over Jewish people!
Pillar of Fire at night above the Tabernacle Mishkan

This is a true sanctuary of God! Only Tabernacle! All rituals and sin offerings in the Written Torah are centered about the Tabernacle! Levites are to serve ONLY in the Tabernacle! Levites would get tithes for service at the Tabernacle!
Pillar of Fire at night above Mishkan Tabernacle

This is one of the most accurate images of the Tabernacle. Once again, look at this sight!

This one below is also one of the most accurate I've seen so far. Not sure who the painter is.

Here is one of the traditional Tabernacle Courtyard layouts. It is obviously incorrect for the many reasons I have stated in my previous posts and an article.
Incorrect Tabernacle Mishkan Tent and Courtyard Layout Diagram

Here is also one of the traditional layouts of the western side of the Tabernacle Tent Frame. Also incorrect for the reasons that I have covered numerous times:
Incorrect Tabernacle Mishkan Tent Layout Diagram

Another layout of the Tent of the Tabernacle. Also incorrect.
Incorrect Tabernacle Mishkan Tent Layout Diagram

Here is the schematic diagram of many Tabernacle parts. Many of them incorrect as they are based on the traditional interpretations and opinions.
Tabernacle Mishkan Overview and diagram

Incorrect layout of the Tabernacle Mishkan and the Courtyard

Here is the Ark of the Covenant Rendering.
Ark of the Covenant 3D

And this is how High Priest would talk to God on Yom Kippur in Holy of Holies
(Unknown painter)
High Priest talking to God above Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant

Levites(Kohathites) carrying the Ark of the Covenant
Levites carrying the Ark of the Covenant

Here is the Breastplate of Judgement of the High Priest (Aaron). Schematic artistic rendering according to one of the traditional interpretations.
Breastplate of Judgement of High Priest Ephod with 12 precious stones

Here is an artistic rendering of the High Priest in his priestly garments.
High Priest and High Priest Garments Layout and Diagram

Here is yet one more schematic diagram of the High Priest Garments, labeled according to the verses from the text.
High Priest and High Priest Garments Layout and Diagram
This is who had utmost authority according to the Torah! A word or position "rabbi" is never mentioned in the text.
High Priest and High Priest Garments Layout and Diagram

And here is another artistic rendering of the High Priest in his garments, surrounded by regular Levites who also served at the Tabernacle.
High Priest and High Priest Garments Rendering

The second web site is rather a commercial venture where different Bible illustrators post their images for sale. Since there are too many of them there and they are all copyrighted, I'm not going to post any pictures here, but I encourage you to follow this second link as well and browse around by using different search criteria. There are many beautiful, insightful and modern images there. Here is the link with an arbitrary search terms.


  1. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work.

    I was wondering if you came across any other images, specifically regarding dimensions, of the tabernacle?

    Thank you!

  2. Yes, there are some on my blog. Check out Chabad's Interpolated Translation for Parshah Terumah (on my right link bars). Also you can search my blog for images and 3D models of the Tabernacle. Something should pop-up.

    I hope it helps.

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