Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video Lecture Series

I've gotten tired of posting on my blog as it seems to be useless and unproductive for me at the moment, so I've decided to explore a slightly different approach. I've decided to create a video lecture series that will cover both the Tabernacle topics as well as the Pentateuch as presented both on my blog here and on my Interlinear Pentateuch web site.

So here it is:

A brief introduction about me and the series that I want to do:

A video about God and Belief in existence of God vs. Believing God. You can also read my earlier article here.

A video about the Pentateuch and its importance. A supplement article can be read here.

And the last video so far is about the Tabernacle and its importance. See this article for more information here.

I hope you will enjoy these videos. Please also dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog as it really helps.



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