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My Letters to the Presidents

Here I wanted to publish letters that I've sent recently to President Barak Obama, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

All issues I talk about in the letters are based on the Written Torah. I want to show you an example of real political advocacy. Freedom of speech is actually one of the rights guaranteed by the Written Torah and since there is an opportunity to write to such people, I think we all should use it.

When writing to a President it is important to keep your message short and to a point. I think my letter to Obama is the best out of all three because it is almost perfect. Unfortunately, Presidents are very busy people and they read only a handful of letters sent to them every day, but it still makes sense to write to them because these letters is a matter of public record.

Here is the letter to President Barak Obama. The topic of organic drugs is very dear to me, so I hope you can see my passion here. I hate to see hundreds thousand people in jail for drug offences. I highly praise President Obama for releasing some federal prisoners. Its a great step in the right direction. I've read comments on the internet. Everyone was in agreement on this one.  
Dear Mr. President, 
I am a deeply religious Jew. 
Verse 29 of the first book of the Bible says the following:  
"And God saith,  'Lo, I have given to you every herb sowing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree sowing seed, to you it is for food;" (YLT - Youngs Literal Translation - Genesis 1:29) 
United States First Amendment to the Constitution says the following: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" 
Thus, I would like to sincerely ask you to do whatever you can to instigate a change in the law with respect to organic drugs that are derived from seed-bearing herbs and trees, such as marijuana, coca leaves, opium poppy, e.t.c.
I believe that civil rights of American citizens are being violated when the government and the law persecute people who use organic drugs for strictly private, personal, religious and medicinal purpose.
I believe that in this case, the government does not and can not have any "compelling interest" whatsoever.
Organic drugs do not cause death and do not bring serious harm to one's health compared to chemical drugs or alcohol. This is why I think they should be somehow legally available without restrictions to all who may need them. This will help to curb current epidemic  of drug addiction and alcoholism in our country.  
For example, opium poppy can easily replace alcohol for an alcoholic. It can help to replace heroin and prescription opiates to a drug addict. Coca leaves can help cocaine addicts and meth addicts. E.t.c.
I wholeheartedly hope you will consider my request. 
Thank you very much for the opportunity to write to you,
Aleksandr Sigalov

And here is the letter to President Vladimir Putin. Sorry that it is in Russian but you can use Google or Yandex translate option. This letter is basically a copy of the letter to Barak Obama above. Russia is facing similar problems with drugs and I was thinking that they may benefit from my advice.
Президенту Российской Федерации В.В. Путину 
Здравствуйте Уважаемый Господин Президент, 
Я очень религиозный человек.
Стих 29, первой книги Библии говорит следующее:
"И сказал Бог: вот, Я дал вам всякую траву, сеющую семя, какая есть на всей земле, и всякое дерево, у которого плод древесный, сеющий семя; - вам сие будет в пищу;" (Синодальный Перевод Библии)
Статья 28, второй главы Конституции Российской Федерации говорит следующее:
"Каждому гарантируется свобода совести, свобода вероисповедания, включая право исповедовать индивидуально или совместно с другими любую религию или не исповедовать никакой, свободно выбирать, иметь и распространять религиозные и иные убеждения и действовать в соответсвии с ними."
Поэтому, я бы хотел Вас чистосердечно попросить сделать всё что в Ваших силах чтобы изменить закон по отношению к семеносным натуральным наркотикам, таким как марихуана, листья коки, опиумный мак и.т.д. 
Я считаю что мои права и свободы как гражданина Российской Федерации грубо нарушаются когда правительство и закон преследуют в судебном и уголовном порядке людей, которые используют натуральные наркотики для личных, религиозных, частных и медицинских целей.
Натуральные наркотики не приводят к смерти, а так же не наносят серьёзного вреда здоровью по сравнению с химическими наркотиками или алкогольными напитками. Поэтому я считаю что они должны быть легально доступны без ограничений всем кому это необходимо чтобы решить страшную проблему наркомании и алкоголизма в нашей стране. 
Надеюсь вы рассмотрите моё предложение,
С уважением, 
Александр Сигалов

And here is the letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It did not come out very well and I am not sure if he has got it as there was some problem with the web form but I still want to publish it here because this is my absolute opinion on the matter of this whole Israeli-Palestinian business.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, 
I am a very religious Jew and I was deeply disturbed by recent escalation and radicalization of violence in Israel. Why are you allowing this to continue and for how long this will go on like this? Don't you think that it is enough?
The ONLY sane solution to bring peace to Israel is to return to the Written Torah that was given to Jews by God.  
NOT to the Torah of Rabbis, but to the Written Torah (first 5 books) of the Hebrew Bible. 
A form of Democracy, Rabbinic Theocracy or any other government system will NEVER work in Israel. 
Written Torah should be the Law of the Land of Israel and the 10 commandments should be Israel's constitution. The Law should be the same for Jewish people and for those who are sojourning with us (Exodus 12:49). Just like God has intended. No exceptions! 
Our Palestinian enemies know that they were condemed by God to be destroyed and they know that it will be their end. But ONLY on the condition that Jews would live by the Written Torah!  
As long as we are unrighteous as them, they will only become more violent. Force does not scare these people. The only thing that can make them tremble is if we would become more righteous than them by returning to the Law of our God. If we would have God on our side, whom they are very afraid of, we would easily defeat these people.
I personally can't return to Israel and have to live in exile (USA) not because I do not want to, but because I am scared to live in a country that does not fear God. If Israel would start living by The Written Torah, I myself, and many other people, would gladly return and join you to secure and build our homeland. Even the Rabbis may support you on this one.
We were made in the image of God(Genesis 1:26-27), we are the CHOSEN people of God (Deuteronomy 7:6) and we are promised to become priests onto the nations (Exodus 19:5-6). Therefore, we must follow THE most righteous and moral lifestyle possible and set an example for all other nations of the world. Only then God will be on our side and only then there will be peace for Jewish people. 
Unfortunately, this is not present-day Israel, so I hope that you will consider my advice. I am pleading with you to do the right thing for the benefit of the Jewish people and the mankind. 
Thank you for the opportunity to write to you,
Aleksandr Sigalov
I hope you enjoyed these letters!

UPDATE 03/17/2017

I wrote another letter to Israeli Prime Minister because I was not sure he had gotten my first one due to some problems with his online submission form. Below is the copy of the new message:
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, 
The only way to have peace in Canaan (Israel) is to live according to the Written Torah.  
Not according to the torah of the rabbis but according to the one that God gave us! 
10 commandments should be the constitution of the land of Israel and the Written Torah its only, eternal, unchangeable law of the land! 
Only then we will be able to live in peace and defeat our enemies. 
I sincerely hope you will consider my solution, 
Aleksandr Sigalov
UPDATE 08/09/2017

I wrote a letter to Trump because I wanted to give him a different option when dealing with drug issue.
Dear Mr. President, 
Here is how you can kill two birds with one stone: all you need to do is to legalize drugs and end this crazy "war on drugs". 
This will stop opioid epidemic in our country and it will stop illegal immigration. 
Please consider these two things: 
Most drug users overdose because of low quality of street drugs and because of financial/legal pressure from the government. If drugs were legal, the overdoses would drop dramatically and opioid addiction itself would quell as well. 
Most illegal immigrants come to the US to escape horrible drug cartels that control their countries. Legalization of drugs would end this problem.
I sincerely hope you will consider my advice, 
Aleksandr Sigalov

UPDATE 10/26/2017

I wrote again about this to Trump because I just can't be silent seeing his stupid ideas.
Dear Mr. President, 
You are a stupid, stupid man! 
Declaring national health emergency and building a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent drug abuse is the most stupid idea I could have ever imagined! 
Legalize ALL drugs and end the War on Drugs !!! This will solve both the opioid overdose epidemic and illegal immigration. 
I understand that you are stupid and probably not going to listen to me, but I figured I would write to you to let you know about it. 
Thank you very much. I did not vote for  you. 
Aleksandr Sigalov.


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