Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My thoughts about homosexuality

Let's talk about sexual perversion/7th commandment, more specifically about homosexuality. It is Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13.

Homosexual behavior is a conscientious CHOICE by those who engage in it. Please note that homosexual orientation is not a matter of choice (although no one actually knows), only the homosexual behavior. So its the behavior that is the problem - not sexual orientation. I do not see a problem with engaging in homosexual fantasies or watching some homosexual porn, Torah is only against homosexuals who engage in such behavior.


For example, I can't find myself a wife. I am straight. Its in my nature. I really want to be with a woman. REALLY! But I do not go out and rape anyone or pay for sex, I patiently wait until God would send me someone. I suffer greatly in the process. Yet, for some reason we allow homosexuals to engage in homosexual behavior which is wrong and criminal. Why am I supposed to suffer and they can get away with a crime?

There is very small percentage of "natural-born" (those who have gene defect) homosexuals but even they are perfectly capable of controlling their urges and resisting the need to engage in homosexual behavior. So I do not understand how some people justify their bad and criminal choice?

When I was little I used to sleep in one bed with my male cousin sometimes, even hug him. It does not mean there was any homosexual subtext to this. Torah is pretty clear that it is only against "lying with man as with a woman" for sexual purposes. Torah is not against things like children of the same sex may do when they are little.

Conversion Therapy works and it would truly help many gay people if it was implemented by medical professionals and not by some religious nuts who usually do not even know or understand Written Torah and aspects of human psychology. Women have anuses too, you know. Do you know how many masculine lonely women there are? I am not talking about tomboys, I am talking about women who feel like men. They would make any gay guy happy, as he would them. Unfortunately, in US we seem to encourage gays to engage in perverted sexual acts that never truly make them happy and just lie to them about how they are simply "that way". This is just horrible imho. 

Each commandment in the Written Torah is eternal and never will change. This is one of the most fundamental principles described in the Torah many times over. A homosexual act is indeed an abomination, a word specifically reserved for sexual crimes and idolatry (these 2 of 10 commandments are related for a reason). We are made in the image of God(Gen 1:26-27), we are the chosen people of God (Deut 7:6) and we are promised to become priests onto the nations (Ex 19:5-6), so we must set and example and lead most moral lifestyle possible even if other people my find it too conservative. Our God is the Creator of the universe and we must obey His will which is outlined for us in the Written Torah. 

God did say that it is not good for a human to be alone (Gen 2:18), but He certainly meant a heterosexual relationship, otherwise he would've created a boyfriend for Adam as well. Science is also very clear that homosexuality has tremendous negative social and economic impact. I am yet to see a concise and unbiased study that proves that homosexuality is harmless. All I see is propaganda that any reasonably educated person should reject. Also, I do not see where in the Written Torah it says anything about sex? It says "lie", which may include other acts besides intercourse that are done for sexual pleasure. They are also clearly forbidden by the Torah.

There is absolutely NO WAY to interpret the Written Torah any other way than how we know it. There is nothing in the Torah to support homosexuality. On the contrary, the text is super clear on this. So this is the main argument, I guess against it.

Other arguments against homosexuality is children. Homosexuals do not produce children, which is the most precious commodity that we have. Why would one want to support and encourage dysfunction? Who is going to support homosexuals when they are old? My kids?

Please note that when 2 homosexual men engage in homosexual behavior 4 (FOUR) children are not being born! When heterosexuals do not produce children, we only loosing 2 children.

And I do not think adoption can fix this problem because I do not think that the fact that we have orphans for them is healthy. I think dysfunctional families are just as bad as homosexuality and must be dealt with differently. What is being done is simply child abuse. You do not want to know what it feels like not to have a mom or a dad. I do. Its very confusing. You do not have anyone to learn from. Where adopted children of homosexuals will learn how to be heterosexuals? They should learn it on the streets? From dumb friends at school? Where? Or perhaps, they should be homosexuals too?

Another argument is why only homosexuality? Why not legalize pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia e.t.c... There is absolutely no difference between them. Its all forms of sexual dysfunction and choice (in most cases) so why not be tolerant of it as well? Where do we draw the line? And please spare me BS about consent, because rape or children, animals and corpses (is this one even possible?) is very rare occurrence. In most cases there is a some form of mutual consent. 

One may try to use the argument that Written Torah is outdated, but then our claim for Canaan and the chosen people claim is also outdated. One can't pick and choose! Not to mention that Written Torah is absolute logical truth and can't be really argued against by rational people. Written Torah is also eternal and never changing so there is simply no way to justify sexual perversion by the text. 

I differentiate between Torah law and US law, which in its current interpretation by the Supreme Court should allow homosexuality on the basis of non-discrimination. I still think its bad for US but I'm Hebrew so I am not really concerned with what American people want to do. I guess homosexuality should be allowed under US laws. But NEVER under Written Torah Law and for Hebrew/Jewish people. 

Please note that I speak from personal experience as well. I have explored my sexuality. I was fortunate that God never let me sin before Him, but I am not ignorant and I know exactly how gay people feel and what goes on in their souls.

I also wanted to point out that Written Torah does not advocate some kind of witch-hunt for homosexuals. There is no technology that would allow to spy on everybody at all times, so there is no point to do that. What happens in the closed bedroom is between them and God. Torah only prohibits public knowledge and display of such behavior. I.e gay pride parade, publicly talking or displaying homosexual behavior, e.t.c.

However, gay people should know that they were made in the image of God, so by engaging in homosexual behavior they are offending His holy image. They basically saying that creator of the universe likes to take it up the hoo-hoo once in a while ;) Normal rational people understand that this is wrong without all these explanations.

There are countless more reasons why homosexuality is bad, and no legitimate arguments for it. So it is very strange to me that many people having difficulty accepting these passages in the Written Torah.


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