Sunday, July 9, 2017

There are no Torah-centric women

Just wanted to share with you one observation that I have made over the years that I have been teaching Torah on the Internet.

It seems that we live in a time when there are absolutely no Torah-centric women that exist. All female friends that I have do not live according to the pure Torah. They are either religious or secular. There is no single Torah-centric woman exist anywhere on the Internet and that is half of all people on Earth.

It seems that as you get closer to the Torah, there are less and less women.

For example, even Karaites, who are not so different from Orthodox Jews, already see a huge disproportion between men and women. Karaite group on Facebook, for example, is mostly men. Samaritans have it even worse: they are dying out because of the shortage of women. And pure Torah-centric people such as myself or my friends are men only. Like I said above, not a single woman practices Torah-centric lifestyle.

This is very disheartening because even though modern women have achieved a greater equality with men, it seems when it comes to logic and reason, modern women fail absolutely. Not a single woman understands or is interested in Torah-centric lifestyle. This is very sad because it shows that women are absolutely inferior to men in this regard. At least in our time.

This is not surprising though. Most modern women do not care about life, children or family and they are not interested in living in sync with nature and God. This is why we have so much perversion in our society and this is why there is huge decline in number of normal (full) families. And I am talking about US. In other countries it is even worse and even more backward.

It seems that today we educate our girls to be promiscuous and careless in life. I am yet to meet at least one woman who would think and behave otherwise. That is why I do not have respect for women of my generation. They are just horrible.

Torah prophecies that  at the end of days Hebrews will return to the Torah. However, it will be men and not women who will lead the way. 

This is actually consistent with the Genesis story about the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was the woman who disobeyed God first and who was responsible for downfall of Adam.

Please understand that I do not hate women or blame them for any of the men's problems. I am just saying that at this time (and probably all the time) our women are very far from God, Life and Torah. This is very frustrating and sad.

This is why it is up to us, men, to fix this horrible situation and get women interested in the Torah again. After all, Miriam was a teacher of the Torah and a prophetess so it shows that women can achieve great understanding of it just like men.


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