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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Aleksandr Sigalov. I'm the creator of the The Desert Tabernacle blog and the Normalized Interlinear Pentateuch web site.

I'm originally from former Soviet Union (Russia), but I've been living in the United States a long time now and I consider myself a proud citizen of this country. I speak English and Russian, I know Biblical Hebrew and I'm familiar with several other languages.

I have been studying Written Torah and the Tabernacle for over 10 years full-time, and at this point I am pretty much the expert on the subject. I published many important articles about Written Torah. See my bibliography below.

My paternal haplogroup is R1a1a and my maternal haplogroup is K1a1b1a. Let me know if we are related. I am always looking to discover my far relatives. R1a1a may mean that I am a Levite. And my obsession with the Tabernacle may mean that I have a blood of Bezalel, who was from the tribe of Judah.

I'm not religious in any way, shape or form. Instead - I'm observant. This means that I understand all rituals that I perform instead of taking it blindly on faith. All my beliefs are presented on this blog.

As a Hebrew, I observe and live only by the Written Torah (Pentateuch), as I consider it the only Real Torah there is. I practice Torah-centric Judaism, which can also be described as Scientific Monotheism.

Therefore I do not follow most of the Jewish traditions, customs and beliefs, even though I'm intimately familiar with most of them, as they in many instances directly contradict what is written in the Written Torah. However, things that do not contradict, I observe.

Professional Art Experience
  • 09/2009 – Present. The Desert Tabernacle Blog. Utilizing new media to create a comprehensive study and illustrations of the Biblical Tabernacle (Mishkan). http://thedeserttabernacle.blogspot.com, 500+ posts, 1000 plus original art works.
  • 01/2014 – Present. Modern Literal Torah Translation (MLT). Utilizing latest research and tools to create a comprehensive commentary and literal translation of the Torah in English and Russian. Please note that Russian literal translation is going to be first in the world. Project page is here.
Published Works
  • 05/2012. Online Samaritan Pentateuch in Hebrew, English and Russian. First in the world English and Russian translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch. First in the world free digitized edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch. https://sites.google.com/site/interlinearpentateuch/
  • 09/2012 “The Corner Boards of the Tabernacle” article and illustrations. Published in Jewish Bible Quarterly journal, issue 40:3 July-September 2012. Republished on Amazon Kindle (ASIN B004QOASUI). Also published as a Google eBook.
  • 09/2012 “Dimensions of the Court of the Tabernacle”. Google eBook.
  • 10/2013 Illustrations of the Menorah and the High Priest for the article by Rev. Robert Hinckley called “Adam, Aaron, and the Garden Sanctuary”, published in LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, Reformation 2013, Volume XXII, Number 4
  • 03/2014 Illustrations of the Utensils of the Altar of Burnt Offering of the Tabernacle for the book “The Mystery of Tabernacle”, Jeyoung Publishers, Korea.
Other References
  • My work has been republished all over the world in print and online. Its best to Google my name "Aleksandr Sigalov" to see other references of my work. For Example, "STEP Bible", "eSword" and "The Word" (free bible study software) uses my Samaritan Pentateuch and translation. Commercial Bible study software BibleWorks has also my Samaritan Pentateuch.
If you need to contact me, you can always e-mail me at asigalov61@gmail.com

If you like my blog and my web site please support it by subscribing to it and by posting comments on relevant posts that of interest to you. 

Thank you very much and enjoy!


  1. I very much appreciated the images of the interior of the Mishkan. The staves "through the rings in the four feet of the ark" are not shown as positioned near the base of the ark where the Torah places them. That was disappointing. Can the image be revised and made more accurate? Cf. "Ark of the Covenant"-Wikipedia.

  2. Unfortunately I can't do this yet as I simply do not know what the text really says. You are probably not reading the original text, but the translation, most of which are not exactly accurate.

    In the Hebrew text, i.e in Exodus 25:14 or Exodus 37:5 the text says צלעת (tsal'ot)[sides] not רגליו (raglav) [his feet], so as you can see there is no direct evidence to place the staves on the bottom of the Ark. I'm not saying that this is not a totally unreasonable design, but at this moment I do not see any way to justify it with the text.

    Hope this helps.

  3. At the risk of being thought utterly condescending & pretentious;

    I am more than impressed.


  4. Have you read the New Testament Book of Hebrews?
    This is where the mysteries are revealed that unfold Jesus Christ and the Holy Priest that entered into the tabernacle of God and laid down his life once and for all?

  5. I'm sorry, but your comment makes no sense to me. I'm familiar with the New Testament, but I do not believe in it nor practice it. Sorry.

  6. Felicitaciones, buen trabajo, creo que usted es un Adventista del Séptimo Día, son los que más tienen conocimiento en cuanto al tabernáculo y/o santuario.

  7. Your website is a treasure trove. Thank you! As someone else previously mentioned, if you've never read the New Testament book of Hebrews I think you'd be fascinated by its discussion of the Torah and Tabernacle. You may enjoy it simply as the first century Jewish commentary it is - no need to first believe in it or practice it before reading it - like you would another source.

  8. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that my work helped you.

    I've read the Book of Hebrews but there was not much useful information. But thank you for suggesting it. I'm always open to it.

  9. Could you provide me a link where I can purchase a Samaritan Pentateuch?

  10. Hi,

    My Samaritan Pentateuch is not for sale. You can download it freely on my web site (see link on top of front page.

    However, there are both printed and electronic publications available.
    Try this link for paper copy:http://amzn.com/0802865194

    Or this: http://amzn.com/1904808182

    Or you can try Accordance software here: http://www.accordancebible.com/

    Or you can download ESword, which is a free bible study tool that includes my samaritan Pentateuch.

    Hope it helps.

  11. On the Twelve Degelim and the four divisional Degelim [Flags] around the Mishkan.

    Are you going to post anything on the Torah Portion Bemibar, Numbers 2, and the encampments of the twelve tribes around the Mishkan. The encampments of the twelve tribes around the Mishkan and their twelve patriarchal Degelim colors {(Num. 2:2) “Degel with the sign [Owth] of their father’s house.” Or on the twelve Shevatim arranged around the Tabernacle with four divisional Degelim.



  12. May I ask in which 3D environment or program you built your tabernacle model?

  13. Hello and thank you. How can i get some of that fabric?


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