Help me rebuild the Tabernacle

As you can see from my blog, I have all the information necessary to rebuild the Tabernacle. I can definitely do it. All I need it help from all willing Hebrews.

I am not asking for money. I need materials and labor that are specified in Exodus. Please help me do it.

There is no need to donate anything yet. All I ask is that you let as many Hebrews know about my rebuilding effort and encourage them to participate.

Help me spread the word first !!!

You can use share buttons on the left to do just that.

Rebuilding of the Tabernacle is the most selfish communal effort there can be, so you can only participate if you are willing. God does not need anything from you, it is you who need Him, so your participation has to be absolutely voluntary and of a willful heart.

Here is one post that provides some information on the cost of the materials. And here is my Tabernacle Calculator, which lists everything necessary to rebuild the Tabernacle.

Ex 25:1 Yahuah spoke to Moses, saying:

Ex 25:2 Speak to the sons of Israel that they take for Me a heave offering. From every man whose heart is willing shall you take My heave offering.

Ex 25:8 Thus they will make for Me a sanctuary, and I will tabernacle in their midst.

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