Important Definitions

Elohim (אלהים) = God

Mitzraim (מצרים) = Egypt

Please see the following sections of my blog:

Important Definitions section
This section contains important definitions of the concepts in the Written Torah. Please read these articles to understand the underlying concepts of my reasoning used on this blog. Over 50 articles for you to enjoy.

Exclusive Materials section
This section contains all of my breakthroughs that I have made over the years I studied Written Torah and Tabernacle. Most of this stuff you never heard about, so I highly recommend you to read it. There are over 20 ground-breaking articles for your review.

My Torah Thoughts section

This section covers range of topics from the Written Torah. Over a 150 articles for your enjoyment. If you love Written Torah discourse, you will love this section :)

This section contains interesting reading materials about Tabernacle and Torah. Check it out if you want more information about these subjects. Over 35 posts for your enjoyment.

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