Modern Literal Torah Translation

This is my Modern Literal Torah Translation (MLT) project page.

Below are the PDF files for English and Russian version of Book of Bereshit (Genesis). Please support my project by donating or purchasing a copy on Amazon or Google (see below).

Google / English Version:

Google / Russian Version

UPDATE 02/07/2016: Here is a new PDF file of my translation with over 160 illustrations from Wikipedia. To download PDF, click here.

Below is the Hardcover copy of my translation. Please support my project by purchasing this copy. This is an amazing book so I highly recommend you to buy it, even though it may be pricey. Its full-color book with full-page color and b/w illustrations that kids (and adults) would love. See preview below.

UPDATE 02/24/2016 Click here to go to a page to download database files with latest translation. They are on top of the download page in CSV and ODS formats.

Click here to go to the book page.

Here are some images of the inside of the book:

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