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Please let me know...

I would like to ask those who understand the material that I present on this blog to contact me and let me know that you exist :)

It seems to me that very few people (if at all) understand God and Torah from the scientific, rational and logical perspective. Most Torah-centric people that I have encountered were under the influence of religion and were unable to critically and rationally understand the Torah text.

Especially I am interested in hearing from people who understand either my calendar or my Tabernacle design. If you exist, please let me know.

And I also want to hear from women who visit my blog. It seems to me that even fewer women understand my material and Torah-centric philosophy so I would love to hear otherwise.

Thank you.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

When does the Counting of Omer start?

Here is the interesting question... When does the Counting of Omer start?

Let's take a look:
CLV Dt 16:9 You shall count off seven weeks for yourself. From the start of the scythe in the raised grain shall you start to count off seven weeks.
This is the most important verse that tells us when to start counting the Omer.

First of all, notice that it talks only about counting 7 weeks. It does not say to count 50 days. I will explain why further in the post.

Secondly, we see the explicit command to start counting weeks of Omer from the start of the harvest. This means that the date when we start counting can change based on the harvest.

As I have explained on this blog, the High Priest would determine when we start the count.

And here is the  additional information that is also important: 
YLT Lv 23:9 And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses, saying,
YLT Lv 23:10 'Speak unto the sons of Israel, and thou hast said unto them, When ye come in unto the land which I am giving to you, and have reaped its harvest, and have brought in the sheaf, the beginning of your harvest unto the priest, 
YLT Lv 23:11 then he hath waved the sheaf before Jehovah for your acceptance; on the morrow of the sabbath doth the priest wave it. 
YLT Lv 23:15 'And ye have numbered to you from the morrow of the sabbath, from the day of your bringing in the sheaf of the wave-offering: they are seven perfect sabbaths;
As you can see, Torah clearly says when Counting of Omer is to start. We start counting 7 weeks from the morrow of the Shabbat but we count 50 days from the actual Shabbat.

As I have said before, the Shabbat of the 1st of Omer would be determined by the High Priest based on the readiness of the harvest in the entire Land of Canaan. This is because 50th of Omer is a Holy Meeting, which means that all had to harvest and count at the same time.

The last question that remains is what is the earliest Shabbat at which the Counting of Omer can start?!? I finally managed to find the answer to this question!

The EARLIEST Shabbat that the Counting of Omer can start is the Passover/1st of Unleavened Shabbat or Full-Moon Shabbat of the 1st Hebrew Month.

This is because in some years (like 2018) we can have harvest falling on Passover/1st of Unleavened Shabbat due to the late Spring and intercalation (13th month).

At first, I did not think it was possible because I thought that 1st of Omer is a Holy Meeting. I thought that 1st of Omer Holy Meeting was edited out of the Torah by the rabbis to fit their calendar, just like they did with the New Moon.

If you will look at Leviticus 23 and Numbers 28-29, you will see that 1st of Omer IS NOT a Holy Meeting. But the reason for this is not the editing. The reason for this is that 1st of Omer can fall on Passover/1st of Unleavened Shabbat, which is why 1st of Omer is NOT a Holy Meeting to prevent us from having 2 Holy Meetings at once (1st of Unleavened and 1st of Omer).

This is why 1st of Omer is NOT a Holy Meeting so that we can start counting as early as the 1st of Unleavened Shabbat.

Please note that we start counting 50 days from the 1st of Unleavened Shabbat but we start counting 7 weeks from the MORROW of the 1st of Unleavened Shabbat as Leviticus 23:15 states. This is because we can't harvest on Shabbat, so the count of harvest weeks starts the day after when there are no work prohibitions.

And we have an actual example of starting the count this early.

While it is not the Torah,  Joshua 5:10-12 states, that they ate the "old corn" of the land ON THE MORROW AFTER PASSOVER, which makes it the 16th.

So this passage in Joshua completely fits my explanation and it makes perfect sense.

They slaughtered Passover between the evenings on the 14th. They have observed actual Passover and ate their own Unleavened bread on the 15th, which was definitely the Shabbat. And they have started eating the old harvest of the land on the 16th (from the morrow of the Passover or from the morrow of the 15th) which also proves that 15th was the Shabbat as we are explicitly commanded to start counting FROM THE MORROW of the Shabbat.

So as you can see, now everything makes perfect sense.

So the earliest time the Counting of Omer can start is the Passover/1st of Unleavened Shabbat.

Once again, please note that we start counting 50 days from the Shabbat but we start counting 7 weeks from the morrow of the Shabbat.

Hope this information helps.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

ABIB 2018: They are lying to you again!!!

If you have seen my Correct Torah Calendar (here is the actual calendar), you would know that the 1st month of this coming year begins a month later than traditional one!

The reason for this is very simple: The Month of Abib can't be the month of Spring Equinox because Torah very clearly says that THE WHOLE MONTH must be Abib!!!

Usually, this is not a problem because on average Spring Equinox falls way before the New Moon(as far as 15 days), which does not create any problem with the timing of the Month of Abib.

However, this is not the case this year (2018) when we have Spring Equinox falling just a few days AFTER the New Moon. And even though it is normal due to differences in Solar and Lunar cycles, this seems to have created a confusion as to when the 1st Month of the Year will start.

The answer to this question is very simple:

As I have stated numerous times on my blog, the Calendar and all Moedim are to be determined by the Sun and the Moon alone !!! See Genesis 1:14. And we must use BOTH the Sun and the Moon to determine Month of Abib. This is why we can't use Spring Equinox (Sun) alone and neither we can use the Moon alone. WE MUST USE BOTH. THESE ARE THE RULES !!!

This means that in case of this year where we have Spring Equinox falling a few days AFTER the New Moon, we must ADD 13th Month (intercalate) because Abib can't happen during a Month of Equinox. It ALWAYS happens in a Month FOLLOWING Spring Equinox.

Here is more or less sane report by one of many groups that look for Barley in Israel. I saved it in PDF so that I may preserve these lies for the whole world to see.

First of all, notice the pictures! Even though they have managed to find a patch of mature Barley, on the background you can see EVERYTHING IS STILL GREEN !!!

Secondly, look at the location of the pictures! It was taken in the Negev, which is the utmost southern part of Israel. This means that the rest of Barley in the rest of Israel is STILL GREEN!!! Only in southern parts, where it is much warmer, you can find mature Barley this early.

And finally, for my coup de grace, look at the report itself:
The barley in the Judean Hills and Jordan Valley was quite immature this year, while the barley in the Northern Negev was more mature. The most developed location we looked at in the Northern Negev had a good amount of patches of aviv barley. We also found some individual stalks at other fields. It is the unanimous conclusion of the participants, that we found enough aviv barley to begin the year with the upcoming new moon sighting.
So even though, by their own observations, the Barley was far from being mature and only individual stalks were found outside of southern regions, they still concluded that it is the Month of Abib!!! Not even Barley Abib, the Month of Abib !!!

You can see more of the same lies here: http://renewedmoon.com/

So as you can see, these people are blatantly lying to you and misleading you!!! They are even ignoring their own observations and photographic evidence to force-fit their incorrect beliefs and traditions with the Torah.

Here is what the Torah says:
CLV Ex 13:4 Today you are going forth in the month of Aviv(ripening)
CLV Ex 23:15 you shall observe the celebration of unleavened cakes; seven days shall you eat unleavened cakes, just as I instructed you, at the appointed time in the month Aviv(ripening), for in it you went forth from Egypt, and none shall appear before Me empty-handed: 
CLV Ex 34:18 The celebration of unleavened cakes shall you observe seven days. You shall eat unleavened cakes just as I have instructed you for the appointed time in the month of Aviv(ripening), for in the month of Aviv(ripening) you came forth from Egypt. 
CLV Dt 16:1 You are to observe the month of Aviv(ripening) and prepare a passover to Yahuah your Elohim, for in the month of Aviv(ripening) Yahuah your Elohim brought you forth from Egypt by night.
So as you can see, Torah very clearly states that it is the MONTH OF ABIB !!! NOT BARLEY ABIB!!!

The WHOLE MONTH MUST BE ABIB to be considered the 1st Month of the Hebrew Year!!!

This means that the MONTH OF ABIB can only be the FIRST LUNAR MONTH AFTER SPRING EQUINOX!!! Very simple!!!

The incorrect tradition of looking for Abib Barley comes from incorrect interpretations of the verses of Exodus. Let's take a look:
CLV Ex 9:31 (And the flax and the barley were smitten, for the barley was ripened (abib), and the flax was in pod; 
CLV Ex 9:32 yet the wheat and the spelt were not smitten, for they were in blade.)
So as you can see, they misinterpret these two verses to say that Abib refers to Barley and not to a Month !!!

However, this is very wrong and here is why:

First of all, these verses refer to Mizraim, not Canaan.

Secondly, the Hebrews did not leave Mizraim after these verses. Considerable time has passed before they left!

So while it is true that at the time of the Hail plague the Barley was Abib, it was in Mizraim and there were several more plagues to come. This means that Hebrews left Mizraim later when EVERYTHING WAS ABIB (not just Barley).

And since Mizraim is south of Canaan, Abib in Canaan should be later than that of Mizraim.

Here is the auxiliary verse to support this point: 
CLV Lv 2:14 Yet if you bring near an approach present of firstfruits to Yahuah, you shall bring near ripened(abib) ears toasted by fire, groats of the crop, as the approach present of your firstfruits.
Clearly, Abib means fully ripened because the offering of first-fruits to Yahuah had to be edible.

And as you can see, it NEVER MENTIONS BARLEY !!! This means that Abib refers to ALL spring crops !!! Not just Barley!!!

This is why Torah says "MONTH OF ABIB"!!! Because ALL spring crops were ripe in this month and close to harvest !!!

Torah NEVER SAYS to look for Barley to determine the 1st Month!!! On the contrary, Torah explicitly tells us to use the Sun AND the Moon TOGETHER to determine ALL Moedim !!!

The reason why Torah tells us to use the Sun and the Moon together to determine all Moedim is that everything on Earth depends on the Sun and the Moon. In fact, without Sun and Moon (or even without the Moon alone) there would not be any life on our planet at all. This is why Torah tells us to use very precise and obvious signs to determine the Moedim !!!

Ripened Barley can be used as a SECONDARY SIGN ONLY and it is NEVER COMMANDED !!!

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