Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Courtyard Elements, South-West Corner

Dimensions of the courtyard are not given explicitly in the “cubits of length”.
Instead they are given in the form of geometry, “cubits of fabric (linen)” and the number of pillars.
From the original description and simple mathematical calculations, dimensions of the courtyard come to be 120 cubits by 60 cubits, with 60 hollow wooden cylindrical pillars 5 cubits tall, 0.5-(1.5/π)=0.0225 cubits thick, 1 cubit of outside diameter and 3/π=0.9549 cubits of inside diameter.
Each pillar was made out of two equal parts.

Distance between the centers of a pillar to the adjacent pillar was exactly 6 cubits.
Each piece of linen that hanged between pillars was 5 cubits wide by 5 cubits long.
Connecting silver hanger links between each two pillars were also 5 cubits long each.

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