Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some comparative calculations - Part 3

Cubit - 0.45 m
Weight of a huge Oxen - 1.5 tonns or 1500 kg.
Oxen pulling load - 1.5 times its own weight
Average density of the goat hair fabric - 1314 kg/m³
Bull skin density - 945 kg/m³
Tahach skin density (will take as an equivalent to bull skin density) - 945 kg/m³
Thickness of 1st, 3rd, 4th covering and Internal Veil - will take equal 14 mm
Thickness of 2nd covering, Outside Veil and Courtyard coverings - will take equal 20 mm

It is also known that the sons of Gershom were given 4 Bulls and 2 Carts. (Numb. 3:25-26)
Thus, we can say that the weight of all coverings and veils was half of the weight of all boards,
pillars and sockets of the Mishkan.

In other words, service of the sons of Gershom has weighted half of the service of the sons of
Merari, which is confirmed by the number of Bulls and Carts given to them for transporting.

Therefore we get:

First Tent covering (with cherubs): Volume - 0.326 m³ - Weight - 429.14 kg (214 kg per half-piece)
Second Tent covering (goat hairs fabric): Volume - 0.511 m³ - Weight - 627.67 kg (314 kg per half-piece)
Third Tent covering (skins of bulls): Volume - 0.384 m³ - Weight - 363.74 kg
Forth Tent covering (skins of tahach): Volume - 0.1119 m³ - Weight - 105.81 kg
Internal Veil (with cherubs кырувами): Volume - 0.0291 m³ - Weight - 38.31 kg
Outter Veril (patterned): Volume - 0.03878 m³ - Weight - 50.96 kg
Sixty (60) courtyard coverings: Volume - 0.5817 m³ - Weight - 764.408 kg (12.74 kg per each covering)

Total weight of all coverings and veils: 2425.06 kg or 2.4 tonn.

Four (4) huge Oxen can transport (1500kg х1.5pulling load)х4 Oxen = 9000kg = 9 tonn.
Whereas a more reasonable value would've been around 4 tonns for 4 bulls and 2 carts(see previous post).

Thus the weight of the coverings and veils of the Tabernacle confirms that, the Tabernacle boards should've been much thinner than commonly accepted Talmudic value of 1 cubit.

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