Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exodus 25:12 - Ark of the Covenant: Close-up view of the four golden rings.

Before we move on to the next artefacts of the Mishkan, lets take a closer look at the four golden rings of the Ark.

Acording to the Exodus 25:12, there were four golden rings for the staves of the Ark on both of its sides. The centers of the rings were located 1 cubit from the bottom of the Ark (or, 0.5 cubits from the top of the Ark).

Unfortunatelly, at this time I'm not absolutelly sure about the dimensions and location of the rings. However, based on the material the rings were made of (gold) and based on the other parts of the Mishkan, it would be logically to assume that:

  1. The rings were located on two shorter sides of the Ark - along the width of the Ark.

  2. Centers of the rings were located 1 cubit from the bottom of the Ark.

  3. There were two (2) rings on each short side of the Ark and none of the long sides(lengthwise)

  4. The rings were approx. 0.1 cubits (4.5-5cm) in length.

  5. The rings were approx. 0.1 cubits (4.5-5cm) in outside diameter

  6. The rings were approx. 0.0225 cubits (1-1.1cm) in thickness.

  7. Therefore the rings had a shape of a small golden tubes.
Here is a very rough rendering of the rings of the Ark:
Please note, that in this image the rings ARE NOT SHOWN TO SCALE!!

I will try to make more precise rendering of the rings later on.

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