Monday, February 8, 2010

Exodus 26:14 - Third and Fourth Covering of The Tent of the Mishkan

Exodus 26:14

14 And thou shalt make a covering for the tent of rams' skins dyed red, and a covering above of badgers' skins.
‎14 ‏וְעָשִׂ֤יתָ מִכְסֶה֙ לָאֹ֔הֶל עֹרֹ֥ת אֵילִ֖ם מְאָדָּמִ֑ים וּמִכְסֵ֛ה עֹרֹ֥ת תְּחָשִׁ֖ים מִלְמָֽעְלָה׃ פ

A covering for the tent of rams' skins dyed red....

Even though description for the Third Covering is self-explanatory, I'm not absolutely sure about exact color and exact dimensions of this covering. The logic would dictate that the color would match or be close to that of a copper\brass used in the construction of the tabernacle. And the dimensions of this covering would be equal to the resulting dimensions of the Second Covering - 30 cubits wide by 42 cubits long, as shown on the picture above.

And a covering above of badgers'(tachash) skins...

The famous word תחשים has rather obscure meaning in this passage. However, what I do know, is that in the context of this verse, תחשים means "dark" or "black". Since only skins of a clean (kosher) animal could have been used in for the Tabernacle, it would be relatively safe to assume that the word תחשים(tachashim) refers to "darkened\black ram's skins" or "tanned cowhides". Thus, the color of the Forth Covering would have been Black or some shade of Dark Gray.

The dimensions of the Forth Covering are omitted, but since this covering would only be required to cover the top of the Tent, its dimensions would be 12 cubits wide by 32 cubits long (as shown on the picture above).

Regardless, a much deeper and thorough inquiry into the matter is needed, to definitively answer those questions.

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