Monday, March 29, 2010

Exodus 25:1-26:37 - A brief overview

I wanted to show you a complete rendering of the parts of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) that I had covered so far (Exodus 25:1-26:37).

Lets' take a look:

There was a Tent of the Mishkan,  with its artefacts: The Ark Of the Covenant, The Golden Lampstand and The Table of Shewbread.

The description has also covered the Pillars of the Tent, the Inner Curtain (The Vail) and the Outer Curtain (The Entrance Curtain(Masach)...

The Tent of the Mishkan was covered with a Covering with Cherubims - The First Covering of the Tent.
Notice how this covering was made out of two parts, connected together by a system of Loops and Golden Clasps...

On top of the First Covering of the Tent there was another Covering - the Goats' Hair Covering. This Second Covering of the Tent was also made out of two parts, connected together by the system of Loops and Copper Clasps...

On top of the Second Covering was yet another covering, made out of Reddened Rams' skins. This Third Covering was equal in size to the Second Covering(minus the folded piece, of'course) and was 42x30 cubits.
This Third Covering of Red Skins of Rams did not have a system of hooks and loops, but was rather manufactured into one single piece.

And last, but not least, there was yet one last Covering of "Tachash" Skins. This last covering of the Tent most likely 32x12 cubits, dark in appearance and most definitely made out of a clean(kosher) animal.
As you can also see, this Fourth Covering was covering only the Top of the Tent, most likely to provide an extra protection from rain and scorching desert sun.

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