Monday, July 19, 2010

The Desert Tabernacle Verse by Verse Video Series - Part 4 - The Altar of Incense, The Laver and an Overview of the Tabernacle

Here is the fourth part of the series. In this verse by verse illustrational 3d video, the verses 30:1-10, 30:17-21 and 40:17-38 of the Book of Exodus continue to describe the construction of The Desert Tabernacle (Mishkan) in the proper order and with minute details:

Covered in this video:

  1. The minute details of the gold-plated Altar of Incense, that stood inside the Tent of the Tabernacle. 

  2. The Copper (aka Bronze) Laver (Washer / Kiyor), that stood between the Tent of the Tabernacle and the Altar of Burnt Offering. 

  3. An overview of the completed Tabernacle.

  4. Cloud(Pillar) of Smoke and Cloud (Pillar) of Fire - an ever present emanation of God of Gods over the Tabernacle.
This video is licensed for non-commercial use only. The audio narration of the KJV of the Bible translation by Stephen Johnston ( was provided by David Williams of

I hope you enjoy this and the following videos!

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