Thursday, August 19, 2010

Several articles related to the Transportation of The Mishkan

It has been long time since I have been adding any articles to my blog, so here it is - five more interesting articles, related to the Transportation of the Mishkan.

The articles bellow describe different nuances of the capabilities, handling and care of the bovines. This information is very useful, especially when one is trying to figure out the design and carrying capabilities of the Covered Wagons, that were used to transport the Mishkan parts.

  1. Building an Ox Yoke
  2. Dairy Cow Comfort - Free-stall Dimensions
  3. Oxen Logging
  4. Modernization of Draught Animal Power
  5. Estimating Ox-Drawn Implement Draft
Take you time to read them all, and I'm sure that you will learn something new.

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