Monday, November 15, 2010

Exodus 26:15-16: What would it take to assemble the Tabernacle, if its boards were more than 0.5 cubits thick.

I have found a nice video that shows an assembly process of a purported life-size "replica" of the Tabernacle. 

Because this replica is using boards of approximately ~0.6 cubits, you will clearly see from the video how difficult and impractical such structure would become. Not only boards of this size would have to be hollow (and they are on the video) but they also would have to be supported  by additional crossbars (which are not part of the original description) at the top to give it necessary stability. Please also pay attention to the equipment involved in the process of assembly.

Also, this video very nicely shows what would happen if the middle Bar for the Boards would run through them, instead of outside of them. The assembly team in this video having very difficult time putting it through 30 cubits of length of the boards.

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