Friday, December 31, 2010

Q&A - How many pins were used in the Mishkan ?

I have covered this question in some detail in my previous posts, but I just wanted to summarize some information about these "Pins" (rather pegs or stakes) that were used to secure parts of the Tabernacle to the ground.

All Tabernacle Pins were made of Copper. Both Tent of the Tabernacle and the Courtyard parts were secured by using these copper pins. There were probably around 180 of these pins.

You can find reference to these pins in Exodus 27:19, Exodus 35:18, Exodus 38:20, Exodus 38:31, Exodus 39:40, Numbers 3:37 and Numbers 4:32.

Pins were basically Copper Stakes, just like any other stakes that are used in any old or modern tent, and looked like so:

There were probably around 60 such Copper Stakes for the Tent of the Tabernacle...

And probably 120 such Copper Stakes for the Pillars of the Courtyard...

This would make total number of Copper Stakes required for the Tabernacle - 180. This is my best approximation that is based on practical approach to the problem.

However, further research is needed to identify if there is indeed a way to exactly say how many of these Stakes are implied in the original text.

In my opinion, it is possible to do so, but this would be a very lengthy endeavor in itself.

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