Monday, January 24, 2011

Exodus 25:23-30 - Exploded Diagram of The Table of Shewbread Parts

This is an exploded schematic diagram of The Table of Shewbread. This diagram shows all parts that the Table of Shewbread consisted of and that are explicitly mentioned in the original text:

Parts are as follows (approximately from top to bottom): 
  1. 12 Loafs of the Shewbread (Exodus 25:30)
  2. Solid gold Table Utensils: Spoons, Forks, Plates, Graphines and Cups (Exodus 25:29)
  3. Solid gold Crown of the Table (Exodus 25:24)
  4. Gold plated Table Top (Exodus 25:23-24)
  5. Four, most likely round, legs for the Table Top (Exodus 25:26)
  6. Solid gold Crown for the Table Enclosure (Exodus 25:25)
  7. Gold plated Enclosure (Exodus 25:25)
  8. Four solid gold Rings to hold the Table Staves (Exodus 25:26-27)
  9. Two gold plated Staves to carry the Table (Exodus 25:28)
And here is a full color rendering of the Table of Shewbread with all the parts shown on the above diagram:

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