Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exodus 30:17-21 - Exploded Diagram of The Copper Laver (Kiyor) Parts

This is an exploded schematic diagram of the Copper Laver (Kiyor). This diagram shows all parts that the Laver consisted of and that are explicitly mentioned in the original text:

Parts are as follows (approximetely from top to bottom):
  1. Copper Laver (Exodus 30:18)
  2. Copper Foot (Stand) of the Laver (Exodus 30:18)
And here is a complete full color rendering of the Copper Laver filled with water, so that you can what all the parts shown on the digram above looked like once they were put together: 

Please see this page for the latest diagrams of the Copper Laver and other Tabernacle artefacts and their parts.

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