Sunday, January 9, 2011

Q&A - How did the Hangings of the Tabernacle attach to the Pillars ?

I'm assuming that this is a question about the Courtyard Hangings and Pillars, so you might want first to check out this section of my blog for detailed information.

But just to summarize, the 5x5 cubit Hangings (קלעים [qəlā‘îm], word is always used in plural form in the text) would hang between each pair of the 60 courtyard Pillars from the so-called Silver Connecting Rods (see Exodus 27:17, Exodus 38:17 and Exodus 38:28) that also served as connections between the Pillars to give the entire courtyard certain degree of rigidity and stability. Like so:

The Hangings would then  hang from these Silver Connecting Rods, like so:

However, there were also Silver Hooks (i.e Exodus 27:10, Exodus 27:17) that secured the Hangings to the sides of each pair of Pillars, like so:

On the bottom, the Hangings might have been also secured with Copper Stakes, but I'm not sure that it was really needed, so it is not shown in my images.

Here is a panoramic image that you can also check out to better see the concept:

And just to point it out one more time, the Total Length of all the Hangings was 300 cubits, but the Total Length of the Courtyard (length of the Hangings + width of the 60 one cubit Pillars) would total at 360 cubits.

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