Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Q&A - How thick were the boards of the Tabernacle?

According to my calculations, the thickness of the boards (qərāšîm) of the Mishkan was exactly [0.5] – [1.5/pi] = ~0.0225 cubits (about 1.01cm based on 45cm cubit; or about a fingerbreadth). This thickness value INCLUDES gold overlay of the boards, which is by most estimates should have thickness of about 0.01-0.02cm.

This, in turn, would make bring the thickness of wood of the boards of roughly ~1cm and an overlay of 0.01-0.02cm.

Generally speaking, the thickness of all the boards of the framework of the Tabernacle is calculated from the description of its Corner Boards.

My entire blog is dedicated to this issue, so you can find almost every single opinion on the matter in other sections of my blog. Particularly, you might want to check out my article on the Corner Boards here, and comparison of different traditional opinions here. You can also check out an excerpt from this book, which discusses the issue from the secular scientific perspective.

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