Sunday, January 16, 2011

Q&A - What are the parts of the Golden Lamp Stand ?

According to Exodus 25:31-40 description, the Golden Lampstand (the Menorah) consisted of the following parts:

  1. Lampstand (Exodus 25:31-36)
  2. Seven Golden directional Lamps (Exodus 25:37)
  3. Golden Oil Pans to add Oil to the Lamps (Exodus 25:38)
  4. Golden "Tweezers" to handle the Lamps (Exodus 25:38)
  5. Golden Oil Jars ("vessels") for the Lamp Oil (Numbers 4:9)
Here is the detailed schematic diagram of the Lampstand only (as outlined in Exodus 25:31-36):

Please particularly note that there were 4 Flowers on top of the Stem of the Lampstand, not just 1 Flower as most traditional diagrams may show. This is due to the plural form of the word "her flowers" ( ופרחיה ) [Exodus 25:34].

All parts of the Lampstand that you can see on the rendering below were made out of 1 Talent of Gold [Exodus 25:39]: 

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