Sunday, January 16, 2011

Q&A - What does Exodus 30:11-16 say about silver ?

Mainly, Exodus 30:11-16 speaks about so called "atonement money", or more properly "silver of atonement" [eṯ-kesef hakipurîm].

These verses quite significant, as they describe two important facts:
  1. Silver Shekel of the Sanctuary = 20 gerahs
  2. The "atonement for the soul"[kōfer nafəšwō] is set at 0.5 Silver Shekels of the Sanctuary. This is an "atonement for the soul" for anyone who is 20 years old or older.
Based on these facts, and the verses of Exodus 38:25-28, we can also conclude that: 

  1. 1 Silver Talent = 3000 Silver Shekels of the Sanctuary.
  2. This Silver was used to make Sockets for the Boards and 4 Inner Pillars of the Tent of the Tabernacle; Hooks, Caps and Connecting Rods for Courtyard Pillars.
One of the interesting calculation that can be made based on these resulting facts, is the fact that each Board of the Tent of the Tabernacle was supported by 2x3000=6000 Shekels worth of "atonement money". Or in other words, each Board required donations of 6000*2=12000 people (half-shekel, or bekah, from each person 20 years old and upward).

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