Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Q&A - What is the difference between Tabernacle in exodus 26 and 36 ?

Generally speaking, Exodus 26 and Exodus 36 describe the very same structure, so in the essence, Exodus 36 is a repetition of the Exodus 26 text. However, there are minor differences between the two accounts which you can see below:

  1. The text addresses Bezaleel and his team, not just Moses.
  2. Exodus 36:38 mentions "Chapiters" (Caps) and "Fillets" (Connecting Rods) for the Pillars of the Entrance Curtain. Here is the  rendering of these parts:

Other than that, the meaning of both chapters appears identical.

The reason the description was repeated with all the details was to provide redundancy for the text. So, for example, if the portion of the Torah Scroll with Exodus 26 would have been lost, it would still be possible to restore the text from the Exodus 36 portion. Similar redundant techniques are employed and essential in, say, modern computer systems.

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