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Q&A - What was the purpose of the Golden Lampstand in Exodus 25 ?

The purpose of the Golden Lampstand (the Menorah) is outlined in the original text, primarily in Leviticus 24:1-4. Let's take a look:

1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

2 Command the children of Israel, that they bring unto thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamps to burn continually.

3 Without the vail of the testimony, in the tabernacle of the congregation, shall Aaron order it from the evening unto the morning before the LORD continually: it shall be a statute for ever in your generations.

4 He shall order the lamps upon the pure candlestick before the LORD continually.
‎1 ‏וַיְדַבֵּ֥ר יְהוָ֖ה אֶל־מֹשֶׁ֥ה לֵּאמֹֽר׃

‎2 ‏צַ֞ו אֶת־בְּנֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֗ל וְיִקְח֨וּ אֵלֶ֜יךָ שֶׁ֣מֶן זַ֥יִת זָ֛ךְ כָּתִ֖ית לַמָּא֑וֹר לְהַעֲלֹ֥ת נֵ֖ר תָּמִֽיד׃

‎3 ‏מִחוּץ֩ לְפָרֹ֨כֶת הָעֵדֻ֜ת בְּאֹ֣הֶל מוֹעֵ֗ד יַעֲרֹךְ֩ אֹת֨וֹ אַהֲרֹ֜ן מֵעֶ֧רֶב עַד־בֹּ֛קֶר לִפְנֵ֥י יְהוָ֖ה תָּמִ֑יד חֻקַּ֥ת עוֹלָ֖ם לְדֹרֹֽתֵיכֶֽם׃

‎4 ‏עַ֚ל הַמְּנֹרָ֣ה הַטְּהֹרָ֔ה יַעֲרֹ֖ךְ אֶת־הַנֵּר֑וֹת לִפְנֵ֥י יְהוָ֖ה תָּמִֽיד׃ פ

As you can see from these verses, the Lampstand [hammənōrâ] primary purpose was to hold 7 Golden Lamps [eṯ-hannērwōṯ], into which the Pure Olive Oil [šemen zayiṯ zāḵə] was to be put, so that the Lamps can provide continuous [tāmîḏ] light for the Tabernacle: from evening to morning(Exodus 27:21) and from morning until the evening (Exodus 30:7-8)...

The proper term for the Golden Lampstand is - The Lampstand of Light [אֶת־מְנֹרַ֤ת הַמָּאוֹר֙][eṯ-mənōraṯ hammā’wōr] (Numbers 4:9):

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