Friday, January 7, 2011

Q&A - What was the weight of the Altar of Incense ?

According to my calculations and my Tabernacle Calculator, the Altar of Incense weighted ~44kg. 

This value is for the completely covered Altar of Incense during its transportation (this image):

The Total Weight of the Altar of Incense (~44kg) is composed of the following values:

  1. Main Box Wood Weight = 13.42kg.
  2. Main Box Gold Weight = 6.20kg.
  3. Four Horns Wood Weight = 0.02kg.
  4. Four Horns Gold Weight = 0.04kg.
  5. Crown Weight = 1.53kg.
  6. Two Rings Weight = 0.55kg.
  7. Two Staves Wood Weight = 6.16kg.
  8. Two Staves Gold Weight = 2.72kg.
  9. Blue Cloth Covering Weight = 2.02kg.
  10. Tachash Skins Covering Weight = 12.15kg.
These calculated values are based on 0.45m cubit, 17000kg/m^3 density of Gold, 780kg/m^3 density of Shittim Wood, 50kg/m^3 substitute density of fabric for both of the coverings, and 0.0002m Gold Overlay thickness.

The weight of the High Priest's Copper Censer and 12 Golden Spoons filled with Holy Incense (shown on the image below) were not included in the calculation of the weight of the Altar as they were transported separately and were considered the Service Utensils.

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