Sunday, February 6, 2011

Exodus 25:25 - Enclosure (Border) of The Table of Shebread

Exodus 25:25 points out that the Table of Shewbread had an "enclosure" ("border" in some translations) that was mounted beneath the table top. After giving it some careful consideration, I have decided that the correct meaning of the expression מסגרת [misəgereṯ] is basically a sort of a shelf that served an auxiliary purpose during the operation of the Table and during its transportation.

Here is a close-up rendering of this shelf from my gray scale diagram of the Table:

And here is the separate rendering of this "enclosure" or shelf. 

Primary reason for such design is based on the use of the expression מסגרת in the verses of 2 Samuel 22:46, Psalms 18:45 and Michah 7:17. In these verses this expression is used in the figurative form, and referes to a sort of a "close place" or a "hole", which means that the expression itself refers to something with only one entrance (opening).

Of'course, it is also worthy to point out that the same expression is used in the description of the ten copper "bases" for the Ten Copper Lavers of the First Temple (1 Kings 7:27-37).

Back to the Table of Shewbread "enclosure"....

Here is the rendering of the enclosure with the golden crown (Exodus 25:25) and with some golden utensils of the Table upon it. Notice the four cut-outs in the four corners of the enclosure to accommodate the legs of the Table:

Also, as Exodus 25:26-27 specifies, four golden rings of the Table were mounted on the same level as the "enclosure". Here is the rendering of the complete Table:

And here is the full color rendering of the image above:

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