Friday, February 4, 2011

Exodus 25:33-34 - Hebrew Alphabet and 22 Almond Shaped Cups of The Menorah

Here is an interesting insight into the design of the Menorah that I feel may have some truth to it.

According to Exodus 25:33-34, the Golden Lampstand (Menorah) had total of 22 of the so-called Almond shaped Cups (גבעים משקדים)[ḡəḇi‘îm məšuqqāḏîm]. Here is my schematic diagram of the Menorah:

Almond Cups are shown in orange on this diagram. And here is a close-up, gray scale rendering of one of such Cups as I envision it:

The Hebrew alphabet (at least - the original Hebrew alphabet) has 22 letters ONLY. There are no so-called "final forms" in the original Hebrew. Here is a diagram from wikipedia that shows double letters of the modern Hebrew alphabet:

As you can see, in the modern Hebrew there are double letters "Kaf", "Mem", "Nun", "Pe" and "Tsadi". On the contrary, the original Hebrew (paleo-Hebrew probably) has only 22 letter, no doubling (final forms). Since the original text of Exodus 25:33-34 explicitly says that there were total of (6*3)+4=22 "Almond Cups", it is very difficult to dismiss such a striking similarity of this number with that of a number of letters of the original Hebrew in which Pentateuch was originally written in.

Therefore, parts of the Menorah may be roughly symbolic of the following:
  1. One (1) Steam with one Base - One special day (Shabbath)
  2. Six (6) Branches - Six regular days
  3. 22 "Almond shaped" Cups - 22 letters of the original Hebrew alphabet of the Pentateuch
  4. 10 Knops and 10 Flowers - Ten Holy Laws (The Ten Commandments)
  5. 7 Golden Lamps - 7 days of creation
To wrap it up, here are couple of artistic renderings of this concept:

This one is from this website:

And this one is from this website:

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