Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exodus 27:9-19 - Exploded Diagram of the Framework of the Court (Chazer) of the Tabernacle

This is an exploded schematic diagram of the framework of the Courtyard (Chatzer) of The Tabernacle, that surrounded the Tent of the Tabernacle, the Copper Altar of Burnt Offering and the Copper Laver. This diagram shows all parts that the framework of the courtyard consisted of, and which are explicitly mentioned in the original text.

Please also note, that 60 5x5 cubits Hangings of the Courtyard are not shown on this gray scale diagram.

NOTE: this file is very large 1.2Mb, so if you are going to be clicking on it to zoom in and if you are on a slow connection, it will take some time to load.

Here is the list of some of the parts that can be seen on this diagram:

  1. 60 Pillars of Shittim Wood. Not overlayed, consisting of two pieces each just like the Corner Boards of the Tent of the Tabernacle.
  2. 60 Copper Sockets for the Pillars. Each most likely weighted 1 Talent of Copper.
  3. 60 Silver Connecting Rods, that linked each pair of Pillars. These Rods also served as a hangers of sorts for the Courtyard Hangings.
  4. 60 Silver Caps that were on top of each Pillar. These Caps helped to hold two parts of each Pillar together and also served as mounting points for the Silver Connecting Rods.
  5. Silver Hooks that were on each Pillar (zoom in to see)
  6. Ropes that helped to secure Pillars in place and to the ground
  7. Copper Stakes to which the Ropes would be attached.
And here is a complete full color rendering of all the parts of the framework put together, so that you can see what all the parts shown on the diagram above looked liked: 

  1. Total Length x Width of the Courtyard Hangings was 100 x 50 Cubits
  2. Total Length x Width of the Courtyard itself was 120 x 60 Cubits
  3. Total Perimeter of the Courtyard Hangings was 100+50+100+50=300 Cubits
  4. Total Perimeter of the Courtyard itself was 120+60+120+60=360 Cubits.
  5. Each Pillar of the Courtyard was 1 Cubit in outside diameter
  6. Each Hanging of the Courtyard was 5x5 cubits.

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