Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exodus 30:18-21 - Copper Laver Close-up Rendering and an Overview

I have already covered Copper Laver in some details in my previous posts, but I wanted to add a couple of points about its design.

As far as I can tell, it is most likely that the Laver was about 1 cubit in diameter, in a shape of a semi-sphere or a "Bowl" of sorts. Here is a full color rendering of the close-up view upon the Laver. Especially pay attention to the reflections in the water of the Laver and compare it with the verse of Exodus 38:8.

And here is a gray scale rendering of the Laver:

Some reconstructions of the Laver show it like this, but this is an INCORRECT versions of the Laver:

This is because Exodus 30:18 says that Laver is a separate entity from its "Foot" (wəḵannwō). In fact, Exodus 40:7 speaks only about the Laver and says nothing about its "Foot", which would mean that the "Foot" of the Laver would serve only as a "stand" of sorts for the Laver and nothing more.

Therefore, the CORRECT reconstruction of the Laver would look somewhat like this (image is from this website):

Or just like I show it on my renderings - a semi-spherical copper "bowl" upon a copper stand:

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