Monday, February 14, 2011

Numbers 4:1-49 - Video of the Disassembly and Transportation of the Tabernacle (Mishkan)

Ok, so here is the rather detailed and somewhat time-lapsed video animation of the Tabernacle disassembly process in preparation to its transportation.

This video primarily based on the verses of the entire Chapter 4 of the Book of Numbers (4:1-49) (Parashat Bamidbar and Naso) and the chapter 40 of the Book of Exodus (40:1-38) (Parashat Pekudei). Enjoy!

You can check out this video for more detailed look at the assembly of the framework of the Tent of the Tabernacle:

And if you want to see even more details, check out my blog sections on the Transportation of the Tabernacle and/or on the Transportation of the Tabernacle Artefacts.

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