Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bible and the Emergence of Modern Science

This article is actually a supplement to my previous post, as it provides necessary background to understand the article by Ms. Robertson. This article also fills the gaps that Ms. Robertson failed to address and makes necessary missing connections to the subject at hand - importance and role of the Tabernacle.

The article called "The Bible and the Emergence of Modern Science" by Peter Harrison (2006).

Here is an abstract:
"The Bible played a significant role in the development of modern science. Most obviously, its contents were important because they could be read in ways that seemed either to conflict with or to confirm new scientific claims. More important, however, were changes to the way in which the Bible was interpreted during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The move away from allegorical readings of Scripture and the new focus on the historical or literal sense – a development promoted by humanist scholars and Protestant reformers – contributed to the collapse of the symbolic world of the Middle Ages and paved the way for new mathematical and taxonomic readings of nature. Biblical hermeneutics was thus of profound importance for those new ways of interpreting nature that we associate with the emergence of modern science."
You can download and read an entire article at this link.

Also, I highly recommend to read cited articles: "The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution" and " by C.P. Snow and "The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution" by John Brockman, even though they are somewhat biased and do not deal directly with the subject of the Tabernacle.

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