Sunday, May 15, 2011

Comparative Reading: "A Literary Structural Overview of Exod 25-40"

Here is another interesting article, called "A Literary Structural Overview of Exod 25-40", by Raplh E. Hendrix, Andrews University Seminary Studies, Summer 1992, Vol 30, No. 2, 123-138.

This article is not particularly insightful, but it goes in great length is trying to underline the use of terms "miskan" and "'ohel mo'ed", as well as to classify the differences between the two. Nothing that you do not know already from this blog, but still worth to be read: 

"Exod 25-40 has at least three maxi-structural axes: literary, topical, and terminological. It has at least one subsidiary, mini-structural axis: grammatical. Its structural integrity, particularly that integrity demanded by the presence of overarching maxi-structures, has given strong argument for approaching the biblical text in its canonical form.
As considered in a previous study, in Exod 25-40 the terms miskan and 'ohel mo'ed provide a four-section terminological structure. In these sections the term(s) used to name the physical construction were variously miskan, 'ohel mo'ed, miskan-dominant, and mixed miskan-'ohel mo'ed. Within this terminological structure, coexisted topical structures (generally presented in lists of six or nine elements) and literary sub-structures such as parallelism, inverted parallelism, and linear lists. In their co-existence, none of the literary structures negated the others, but rather complemented them along axes within differing literary dimensions."

You can read and download the entire article at this link.

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