Sunday, May 15, 2011

Comparative Reading: "The Priestly Image of the Tabernacle".

While I'm working on the update to my models, I figured I'll provide you with some reading materials that you can find useful for comparative purposes.

Here is an article called "The Priestly Image of the Tabernacle", by Haran. M. The article itself is not very interesting, but it does provide nice summary of the Tabernacle description and points out problematic parts (i.e. dimensions of the courtyard of the Tabernacle):

"The number of pillars on each side of the court creates a minor geometrical puzzle. If we assume, as indeed emerges from the text, that the space between each pillar is cubits, and, moreover, that the pillars start from the corners, the number of pillars across the length of the court will be found to be 21 (or 19, without reckoning the corner pillars) and across its width 11 (or 9). See 2. On the other hand, if we say that there should be exactly 20 pillars across the length of the court and exactly 10 to the width, every corner being counted twice (the total number of pillars on all four sides thus being 56), we shall find that the space between each pillar is not five cubits. Furthermore, the distances between the pillars of the court lengthwise will be less than those across its width (100: 19 as against 50:9). This point has puzzled many commentators. "
You can read and download the entire article at this link

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