Friday, May 20, 2011

Parallel Hebrew Bible (Leningrad Codex, English Transliteration, Young's Literal Translation)

Here is something that I think you may find useful: a Parallel version of the Pentateuch text.

I could not find the right version to use in my studies, so I had to create one of my own. So here it is - the Parallel Pentateuch: Leningrad Codex-English Transliteration-Young's Literal Translation.

I designed this book to be primarily a handy reference for those who study Pentateuch. And even though it is based on the public domain texts that may not represent the most accurate versions available, three translations in parallel would still give you an excellent opportunity to compare and truly appreciate the magnificence of the original text.

The text is aligned by verse. Young's Literal Translation was adjusted to fit the standard modern verse notations. The dimensions of the book (closed) is about 8"x6"x1.5", paperback style.

Check out the preview above to get a better idea about the book and the layout.

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