Thursday, July 21, 2011

Status Update

This is just a status update for those of you (are there anyone? lol) who follow my blog regularly. I'm still working on an update to my models, so posts will be very few (if any) as I'm trying to dedicate my precious time and resources for this task. For now, you are welcome to check back from time to time but I'm not expecting to be done with it for at least several months, if not more.

Main focus of the upcoming update will be the Priestly Garments.

And even though I tried to avoid touching these details for some time due to my lack of expertise on this subject, I now feel that it is time to do it. Especially considering the fact that some of the description of the garments contains very important terminology that is paramount to the proper understanding of the design of the Tabernacle. Primarily - the description of the Ephod.

Both images above are from James Strong's "The Tabernacle of Israel in the desert"; book that I have covered in this post.

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