Thursday, September 22, 2011

Artistic rendering of the Ark, Priestly Garments and the Tabernacle

Here are a few artistic images to illustrate details of the Tabernacle service.

This one (from this web site - click "login as guest" to access images) is of the Ark of The Covenant being carried in its normal "mode", with its Blue Covering (Numb. 4:6) on top of it. This illustration is most likely to the verse of Joshua 3:17. The downside of this illustration, in my humble opinion, is the positioning of the Ark Staves (along the length and closer to the bottom).

This image (from the same web site) is of the Priestly Garments, Aaron Garments. Nice schematic image.

And here is one of a few images from this 3d model of the Tabernacle (from this web site), that is based on the traditional interpretation of the verses.

For example, compare the image above to my rendering of one of the corners of the Tabernacle Courtyard. I hope this will allow you to see the differences and downsides of the traditional interpretation(above), as opposed to more realistic direct interpretation of the Tabernacle description (below).

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