Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Updated Tabernacle Layout

Here is an updated (or rather - current) version of the Tabernacle Layout. It incorporates the minor changes that I have discussed in my previous posts, and it supposed to be more readable and consistent since I'm using new software to create it. 

Most notable changes include the dimensions of the Tent Pillars (I changed them from 0.5 cubits to 1 cubit in outside diameter), location of the Golden Altar of Incense (exactly in the middle of the Tent Framework)  and the dimensions of the Copper-plated Altar of Burnt Offering (changed height from 5 to 3 cubits and removed the ramp).

If you like, below is my old (from 2009) and now outdated layout for comparison:

Enjoy and feel free to download and use it.

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