Monday, October 21, 2013

Adam, Aaron, and the Garden Sanctuary

I am published once again. My artwork is featured in a very interesting article called "Adam, Aaron, and the Garden Sanctuary" by Rev. Robert Hinckley, published in LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, Reformation 2013, Volume XXII, Number 4.

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

Here is an abstract:
"A number of significant parallels exist between the garden of Eden and the tabernacle. The contour, substance, and meaning of the garden inform the tabernacle and its service. The reverse also is true; understanding the tabernacle helps one conceptualize the garden. The biblical texts provide a discourse between the two “sanctuaries.” Former studies of the garden as a prototype sanctuary have been topical in approach and more focused on the Temple in Jerusalem. This article will follow the narrative of Genesis 2-3, purposely examining how the garden and Adam’s vocation point to the tabernacle and its service, especially noting the work of Aaron in the holy places.

Download a full article here.


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