Thursday, August 21, 2014

"The Torah Does Not Command a Temple" Article

Here is an article called "The Torah Does Not Command a Temple" written by my friend, Ryan, about the Tabernacle (Mishkan) and its importance in the Torah.

Here is an excerpt: 
"When we actually attend to the specific wordings of the ceremonial commandments, one notices that these services are worded to specifically apply to the use of the Tabernacle (AKA “tent of appointment”, etc), not to any temple or other facility.  Many times, these commandments are explicitly stated to be an “enactment of forever”, and in the process they very explicitly refer to the Tabernacle.   
For example, Leviticus 4:3-8 refers to the ceremony to be performed when a priest does wrong, and it states that the bull is to be brought to the “opening of the tent of appointment”, then he is to bring its blood “to tent of appointment” and spatter it before the “divider” (a part of the Tabernacle), then he is to take the blood and put some on the altar of incense “which [is] in tent of appointment”, then the rest he is to pour out at the base of the altar at the “opening of tent of appointment”. 
These ceremonies are extremely specific, and they explicitly refer repeatedly to the actual arrangement and structure of the commanded Tabernacle.  Furthermore, there is no command in the Torah given regarding transferring these ceremonies to a temple or any other structure, and such a massive rewriting of the commandments, which would be required to justify such, is surely not what is expected of us.  Should we not obey according to the wordings of the commandments?"
You can read an entire article here

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