Thursday, December 24, 2015

About Condoms

For example - Lev 15:24 or Lev 12:4

Does this mean that I can have sex in a condom during these forbidden times? I do not think so...

Regarding 15:24, no, because one would still be lying with the woman and it's very likely to be "on him" regardless of condom presence.

Regarding 12:4, or rather, 12:2-5, I would think that the male child period of separation would be "seven days, as days of isolation of her languishing" and female would be "[two] weeks as her isolation".  Those time periods would be treated similarly to the menstrual period otherwise.  I think the time of the "bloods of cleansing" is a different issue.

There is also Lev 15:18, Lev 18:20, Lev 19:20

It seems to me that by using a condom a woman can avoid being unclean which nullifies the commandments in these verses.

At the same time, "lying seed" or "lying to seed" is what is said, nothing about needing to shoot the seed directly into her and not a condom.  No commandment is seem to be nullified either way. 

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