Thursday, December 17, 2015

About Name of God

Here are my thoughts regarding the Name of God, rules regarding it, what it is, pronunciation, etc..

I break it down into a few simple concepts...

I think its ok to say "God" or "Almighty". Or even "Yahweh". As long as it is not used to make an oath. I.e in a movie or in a book, e.t.c
When there is oath involved then it is considered binding, regardless how you address God.
Nobody really knows proper pronunciation of the word "יהוה" so I just stick with the traditional one - "Yahweh". It says in Exodus 3:14 that God is who He is, which I interpret as His name is what people call Him. In other words, God has many names and it does not matter which one you use, its is how you use it.

Torah itself uses "יהוה אלהיך" which I translate as "primordial forces" or "existing forces". "אלהיך" also a very interesting word as I think it may be possible to split it into two words, in which case it would mean something like "living forces"
So "יהוה אלהיך" = "existing living forces"?!?

I think saying the Name is ok, or even sometimes required, though it certainly requires a level of respect (as you referred to, not using it in vain oaths, etc).  

There are multiple titles, such as "God", "Elohim", "Adonai", "Abba", etc.  

One interpretation of Ex 3:14 has been that He is describing His nature, i.e., "the Existing", and thus the etymology of His Name.  

I do believe in a particular pronunciation of the Name. 

I also wanted to caution you against using Biblical History to make any conclusions. It has not yet developed into a proper scientific field and can be very biased and subjective. I also believe that the Torah predates everything, i.e it was the Edomites who borrowed from the Torah.

Check out Deut. 5:26. It says there "אלהים" and then "חיים". So "al-haim" or "force living"?

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