Friday, December 25, 2015

About Sukkot

Concerning Lev 23:40,Nehemiah 8:15 asserts that the taking is in order "to make booths", but that's not actually said in the Torah even though Nehemiah implies that it is (furthermore, the listing of what is to be "taken" does not coincide with the list in Neh 8:15, such as in Lev the first one is "fruit of tree of honor", not just branches or foliage).  So basically, the Torah says on the first day we are to "take", and then "rejoice" for seven days.  The commands regarding living in sukkot are separated from this verse so inferring some presumed connection would require potentially overlooking that.

I am not sure what "sukkot" are. There is a clue in Exodus 40:3 but I am not sure how to translate it. Therefore I stick with the traditional opinion that these plants were taken in order to make booths (or huts) and that they were not a separate commandment from living in booths.

The best English translation would be "shelter of branches". In Russian language there is a single word equivalent to the Hebrew word ("шалаш").

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