Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Differences between Samaritan Pentateuch manuscripts

Here are my thoughts in regard to my preference between different available SP manuscripts/editions, and my thoughts about notable differences between them.

I use Kennicott edition as it seems to be the most objective one. Plus it has tons of variant readings for both MT and SP which is very useful.

von Gall SP can be used too but I didn't like it due to the font that was used in the book. Hard to read.

Generally, I consider manuscripts that were written/published before Zionism and creation of the State of Israel as the most authentic ones. 

There is an elusive Abisha scroll that claims to be the oldest and the most authoritative one, but it's not available so I would not know...

From what I can tell SP was never standardized as MT so all SP manuscripts will be different and therefore there is no really any specific versions that can be considered superior.

There are mostly orthographic differences between the SP manuscripts. I do remember small differences in wording, but I could not find it to give an example and as I recall they were minor (it would not really change the meaning of the text, kinda like qetiv/kere differences in MT).

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