Sunday, December 20, 2015

History repeats itself, so is Torah...

I was thinking about an expression "new covenant" that can be found in the prophecies, which is being interpreted by Christians as a support for the NT.

I was thinking that this expression means that the covenant is renewed every cycle just as my theory suggests. So the proper translation should be something along the lines of "covenant rebuilt" or "covenant repaired"

The new covenant (in the sense of Jeremiah 31) it's something that's never explicitly mentioned in the actual Torah.  Jeremiah 31, of course, is extremely similar to Deuteronomy 30:1-10, save for the mention of a new covenant.

I don't really have any strong opinions regarding whether it is "new" or "repaired", though I remember whenever I was studying the Septuagint many years ago that the word translated as "new" is potentially closer to "renewed" rather than completely "new" (I know the Septuagint is not especially important, due to its unknown/potentially late origins, but thought I would mention it). Deuteronomy is the only one that is of any significance.  It can be a dangerous game to accept things that seem similar without having legitimate verification.

The reason I am bringing up this issue is to establish a context for it for the purpose of directing away from NT theology, rather than to espouse that Jer/Eze were accurate.

The covenant effectively is renewed several times in the Torah itself, and the idea of it being renewed after the exile isn't farfetched at all.  Jeremiah 31 speaks of the writing of the law upon their hearts, etc, in connection with the new covenant, while Deuteronomy 30 speaks of circumcising of hearts so they will always seek God and His Torah.  I don't know that a "new covenant" is necessary, or if it will occur, but the things surrounding the description of a new covenant seem to be prophesied by the Torah itself.  

What I mean by the cycles is that I assume that events of, at least, Exodus are repeating themselves every few thousands of years. According to the Jewish tradition (end times and all that) the cycle will end in 226 years (at the year 6000). At which time the "dead would be resurrected" (aka a man like Moses would appear) and at which time the Exodus would repeat itself. This is how I see the return of the Hebrews/Jews back to the Torah (aka Deuteronomy verses)

I do think Dt 30 contains elements that mirror past events of the Torah, so there is a possibility that the events of the Torah precisely repeat. Maybe not precisely but along the line of the main story. I know it may sound crazy, but perhaps it goes out in space? Aka Battle-star Galactica? Although it is  doubtful, unless it can be argued that Abraham/etc was a space traveler and the "real" Canaan was somewhere else in the universe. I mean, I saw other planets with my own eyes (through telescope, e.t.c.) so Torah must account for that somehow... But of'course, it is just a speculation…

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