Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My thoughts on Tabernacle construction

I've been thinking about the tabernacle construction, recreation and my studies of it.

As far as recreating the Tabernacle - there are some problems. First of all, I have not figured the entire layout. Even with my insights there are problems with the layout that need to be solved before anything can be done in real life. I've discussed it on my blog. I can't figure it out. I am stuck at the moment.

There is an issue of Exodus 25:40 and the like (a vision). But IMHO it is not a problem as I still believe that the vision is in the Torah. IMHO Moses did not have a TV up there. What he saw was the result of Torah understanding on a completely new (higher) level. So Moses saw something similar to a flashback - a vision inside his head. So again, to properly reconstruct the Menorah for example, all we need is to deeply study the description, as it is all there I believe. A vision was/is a part of the Torah. Considering Moses was the one that saw the vision and then had to transmit the information to the artisans, I would think it certainly possible that the information was written down into the Torah itself. There are no any extra bits of info hidden somewhere OUTSIDE of the Torah. 

Until layout is reconstructed on paper, there is no point in reconstructing the Mishkan in real life. Such a project would require a lot of planning and just jumping into it without having it "on paper" would not be a recipe for success, in my opinion.I'd be more active in this project had I been able to reconstruct the layout. Without the layout - it's just my wild theories. And I have nothing.

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