Saturday, January 30, 2016

About Exodus 16:22

I found an explanation to Exodus 16:22. Let's take a look:
YLT Ex 16:22 . And it cometh to pass on the sixth day, they have gathered a second bread, two omers for one, and all the princes of the company come in, and declare to Moses.
As you can see, it appears that there was falling double amount of Manna on the sixth day. However, this is not possible because we are clearly told in Ex 16:16 that they are to gather 1 Omer only per person. So, how could they have double bread for Shabbat?

The answer is simple. It is in Exodus 16:5:
YLT Ex 16:5 and it hath been on the sixth day, that they have prepared that which they bring in, and it hath been double above that which they gather day by day.'
If you will carefully read the passage, you will notice that it says "prepared". So they did not gather double amount. They still gathered 1 Omer of Manna on 6th day. It is the grinding of 1 Omer of Manna that would produce double amount of flour on the sixth day. So it is logical to assume that Man was twice as dense on the sixth day compared to regular days.

If you have read previous guest posts by Shelley Houser, she calculated that 1 Omer of Manna would produce 1.5 US Cups of flour. This means that on sixth day, 1 Omer of Manna would produce 3 Cups of flour. Pretty amazing, isn't it?!?

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