Wednesday, January 13, 2016

About The Name of God

So here are some more of my thoughts about the name of God. 

Traditional pronunciation seems to be "Yahweh". This is true for both English and Russian languages.

However, second and fourth letters of the name are the same so they need to form the same sound. So according to this, the name would be "Yahwah".

Many words that use vav (third letter of the name) have the vowel point at its left which makes it the "u" sound. This is accepted as a normal Hebrew construction (when not dealing with the Name). This means that most proper pronunciation of the name should be "Yahuah" with "u" sound instead of "w".

The second argument would be the word Yahudah (יהודה). As you can see, it uses all the letters used in the Name. This means that we can deduce proper pronunciation from this word. Since we know for sure that Yahudah is pronounced with "u" not "w", we can most certainly say that Yahuah should also be pronounced with "u" and not "w". Just say Yahudah without Dalet (d). It will be Yahuah.

The emphasis should be on the second syllable (yahUah).

This is my current and best understanding of the name.

I was also told that this is how prophets have pronounced it. I do not know if this is true though.

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